Ashlyn Rodgers and Jade Tagulao report on the first Talk Story Series for Asian and Pacific Islander students at the University of Nevada, Reno, hosted by Keola Wong. The participants explored stereotypical representations throughout their childhood, and ways better Asian roles are needed both in front of and behind cameras.

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Ten University of Nevada, Reno students joined Keola Wong, coordinator of the Asian Pacific Islander Program at The Center at UNR, to discuss Asians in the media. Wong’s Talk Story Series was created to allow individuals, primarily those who identify as Asian and Pacific Islander, to come together to listen and share their own life stories in a safe space. Wong created the five part Talk Story Series to allow those who identify as Asian and Pacific Islander to share their own experiences and listen to others. All individuals are welcome to join the conversations, happening throughout the remainder of the semester.

From Stereotypes to Martial Arts

“Most of the [Asian] characters are always the same…they always want to cast that same character that kind of has, let’s say, the white characteristics about them…,” said Vika Fungavaka.

On February 26th, Fungavaka was one of ten University of Nevada, Reno, students who attended Keola Wong’s hour long Talk Story Series inaugural session via Zoom. Wong is the coordinator of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) Program at The Center, Every Student, Every Story. …

Rachel Jackson reports on the 2nd Annual Queer Town Hall held by the Gamma Rho Lambda Alpha Delta chapter sorority, featuring ASUN presidential and vice presidential candidates speaking on LGBTQIA+ issues on campus. From community candidates to platform podcasts to more public listings of events to legislative inclusivity, there was lots to consider.

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During the Zoom, Gamma Rho Lambda Vice President Shay Jordan moderated questions sent in from the Gamma Rho Lambda Instagram page (@grlunr_) for ASUN candidates Austin Brown (P), Darwin Snyder (P), Keegan Murphy (VP), Kate Torres (VP), and Aaron Piña (VP) to answer.

Accountability and Accessibility

Amid the pandemic, the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN) election season, and the ongoing spring semester, students gathered via Zoom and social media to talk with presidential and vice presidential hopefuls to discuss LGBTQIA+ students on campus. The town hall was hosted by Gamma Rho Lambda, the first LGBT+ inclusive sorority in Nevada. To start off, the candidates were asked: How can we hold you accountable while you’re in office for any promises you make to the LGBT community?

“We need more accessibility,” one of the presidential candidates Darwin Snyder said. “We need to know exactly what…

Richard Bednarski profiles Nandar Yukyi who left Myanmar when she was 13, found her academic passion in the United States, but still wants to return to her home country if democracy can take hold there.

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Nandar Yukyi wears a small red ribbon as an act of resistance. Medical professionals and others across Myanmar are doing the same thing and to Yukyi, it shows her support and hope that Myanmar can overcome the oppressive military regime that has long dominated public life.

Moving as a Teenager Escaping Oppression

Nandar Yukyi moved here when she was thirteen, her parents wanting more for their children. Options were limited in Myanmar. They immigrated to the United States to seek better education. Back home, she says education was focused on rote memorization and came with little opportunity for higher critical thinking.

“You either go to medical school, maybe engineering school, or do business,” explained Yukyi, “those were the only options.” Her parents also wanted to flee political oppression.

Yukyi was born in the former Myanmar capital city of Yangon, the country’s largest city which lies just east of the Irrawaddy River. It…

Not all immigration stories are forever ones, as Kennedy Vincent reports, and sadly sometimes discrimination plays an unfortunate part.

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Devi Kumar and Pete Ambi at lunch in Puertolago, Ecuador. Photo provided by Ambi, with permission to use.

The Stress of War Back Home and Hate in their new One

Born and raised on the island of Sri Lanka, Devi Kumar and Pete Ambi met as childhood friends. They both believed moving to America would change their lives for the better. It ended up being just one chapter of many for their love story.

The two grew up as next door neighbors. Their childhood bond was strong and effortless. Moving to America, though, made them experience that the “American dream” is filled with discrimination, just like anywhere else.

Pete Ambi had…

A letter by Aya Sato to her first friend after immigrating to the United States from Brazil.

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The Maganã family (left), a beautiful family of five and the first friends my family (right) had when we immigrated to the United States.

How Our Paths Crossed

I was seven years old. I had just turned seven actually, only a few months prior. My mom and I had packed away our whole house in just a few boxes and gave away what we couldn’t take. We had our nightly blurry Skype call with my dad and woke up with our empty kitchen.

My mom locked the door for the last time as we headed to the airport. There, our whole family walked with us to the terminal gates. My mom was bawling and tightly hugging everyone as if it was the last chance she would ever get…

Ryan Daley and Noah Lopez report on a student athlete who has shone bright from the classroom to competitions and helping neighbors in need.

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Nicola Ader practicing before the first indoor meet of the season. Photo credits: Ryan Daley

Getting Closer To an Olympic Dream

Multiple school record holder and five-time All-American. Not a lot of people can say that they’ve achieved these accomplishments. At the University of Nevada, Reno, that’s what people associate with when they hear the name Nicola Ader.

The 22-year-old senior from the small populated town of Affolterbach, Germany, decided to come to Reno, Nevada at the age of 17. This decision to move to a completely different country would be hard for some people, but for the star track athlete, this choice was easier than expected.

“I decided to come to the United States because it offers a great opportunity…

Sydney Oliver reports on her ski lift supervisor, Naamah Zalcman, who found her way across the globe to Tahoe, California, from Israel, seeking a dramatic change.

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Photo Provided by Naamah Zalcman: Selfie by the Slopes.

Olympic Valley, Calif. — It’s 7:30 a.m. Light hugs the a-line roofs and tapered rooftops as smiling rays finally bathe the early-birds dwelling near the ski lifts and assorted buildings. Colorful jackets and pants flood the white patterned avenues, as the day begins at the resort.

There’s a slight hum; skis and snowboards clattering, as bundled-up folks stumble along with the fluff. A snowmobile dances by, the smell of coffee wafting from the nearby coffee shop. Even with masks hiding their smiles, people radiate happiness and excitement at the start of a new day.

Naamah Zalcman starts her (early) mornings…

Jillian Briare reports on a local Indian restaurant which makes sure to keep up to date with its menu.

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India Kabab and Curry’s bright and colorful display is hard to miss when driving through midtown Reno.

A Visit Turns Into a Successful Venture

What started as just a friendly visit to the Biggest Little City became an opportunity to test the taste buds of Reno residents.

India Kabab and Curry, one of Reno’s first Indian cuisine restaurants, first established in 2005, aspires every year to bring the latest and best tasting parts of India back to Reno. In a growing city with both big and small businesses settling in, and a population growth rate of over two percent ever year, globalization is inevitable. …

Liza Cheharovska reports on how a Russian couple came to the United States as performers and now run their own deli shop.

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Svetlana and Gennadiy, Photo Provided by Svetlana Ivtchenko

As detailed in one of our recent reports, Svetlana Ivtchenko and her husband (above in photo) successfully run a European deli and cafe in the center of Reno, welcoming everyone into their store with big smiles and helping hands. The story of what led them there is full of twists and turns.

Born in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Russia, Svetlana decided to start practicing gymnastics at a young age. Many Eastern European countries focus education around athletics, having many clubs and schools for kids to expand their skill set.

“Gennadiy says let’s go to Moscow circus school and I thought I never could…

Riley Sorge reports on how a recent UNR grad grew up in the U.S. with a British upbringing, detailing the ins and outs of her cultural journey.

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Charis as a child, shortly after moving to the US. Courtesy: Charis Nixon

Feeling Privileged but Still Erasing Parts of Identity to Fit In

“There were so many moments where I was like, ‘oh my god it’s not because I’m weird, it’s because I’m British!’” Charis Nixon, 23, exclaimed after going to the UK for the first time in her adult life.

Born to an English mom and Scottish father in Sheffield, England, Nixon’s future would soon hold a much different path than her parent’s British upbringing as they moved to the U.S. in January 1998 when she was just six months old.

Fueled by her father’s interest in US workforce culture and potential for more advantageous career prospects, the family moved to Foster…

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