Jaden Urban reports on the hardcore punk subculture whose members refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs, but who sometimes have many disagreements about what it means within their own ranks. The Reno scene which used to be huge seems to have somewhat dissipated.

Photo taken by Spencer Chamberlin with permission to use.

History of Straight-Edge

The term “Straight-Edge” has been thrown around when talking about people who aren’t risky or who don’t partake in drinking or recreational drugs. It’s commonly used by the younger generation to coin people who don’t party or go out very much. …

Ethan Morganti and Kayla Crowley report on Kayla Nocum who shares her experience of moving from the Philippines to Reno, Nevada to play Division l golf. While living in Reno, Nocum has learned to adjust to cultural differences, university and progressing her game.

Kayla Nocum attends UNR on a full-ride golf scholarship and has had to adapt to local culture. Photo courtesy of Kayla Nocum

“I came to the United States because I got a full scholarship to play for the golf team here at UNR,” said Kayla Nocum, 20, majoring in Psychology. “They offered me a good deal and I wanted to play golf at a more competitive level.”

The UNR Women’s golf team…

Dominic Matteoni reports on his father who has been an inspiration for him, as he attempts to find his own place amid the lingering turbulence of the pandemic.

Dr. Jeff Matteoni, my father, on the cover of M.D. News: Reno/Tahoe/Carson City Addition, May 2009. He has been a practicing physician for over 20 years, and remains one of the most highly-respected orthopedic surgeons in Northern Nevada.

Along with an increased amount of fear among patients, physicians all over the United States have had to deal with a plethora of issues since the initial outbreak of COVID-19. …

Cayley Dishion and Montana Lloyd report on the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee where representatives help other student-athletes. At Nevada, SAAC president and Swim and Dive representative, Caitlyn McHugh, utilizes her position to fight for gender inequity while balancing her busy schedule as a student-athlete.

Nevada Swim & Dive Student-Athlete Advisory Committee representative, Caitlyn McHugh, holds a notebook along with her cap and goggles to show the student-athlete experience SAAC provides. Photo by: Montana Lloyd

A Busy Schedule to Press on For Positive Change

Caitlyn McHugh, a fifth-year senior and Swim and Dive school record holder in the 400 medley relay, dedicates her time outside of the pool to serve as UNR’s president of the university’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. McHugh uses her passion for leadership and her position to fight for gender inequity.


Amid staff shortages, the Washoe County School District is employing substitutes, some as young as 20. Reporters Evan Ferris and Bryon Restori met with two WCSD substitutes who are facing the opportunities and challenges of teaching in person post-COVID.

Sparks High School students spend most of the day on a device, turning their assignments in online to ensure student safety. Photo with permission to use by Chloe Svensson.

“I had no prior interest in teaching,” said part time substitute Trinati Randall, previously a receptionist at a plumbing company. “I lost my job due to COVID and my friend, who was working as a sub, suggested I get an emergency substitute teaching license.”

Even though in person classes have…

Brigid Butler interviews registered hygienist Kathleen Scott on how COVID-19 has forced her to change the way she cleans teeth.

Hygienists go where most people won’t during the era of COVID-19, behind the mask.

Nearly a year has passed since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers across the nation have had to adapt to evolving protocols and rules that needed to be enforced to protect everyone. …

Joffea Burgos and Owen Christopher interview employees of the Seasons of Reno assisted living facility in Reno, Nevada, gaining insight into how Covid has impacted the resident’s visitation, routines, and mental health.

The vaccine has helped relax some of the restrictions on people in assisted living, but they still have to be careful.

Working in assisted living can be depressing. For assistant executive director Nicole Merlino, the most heartbreaking part of her work is seeing residents’ deteriorating mental health. “The hardest part of my job is the residents not being able to see their family members during the pandemic,” she said.

The pandemic…

Jordan Bader interviews her local stylists, Rachel Arciniega and Meghan Evans, about salons surviving lockdowns, social distancing and other trials and tribulations of the pandemic.

Meghan Evans with clients she styled at the Miss Reno Rodeo 2022 Pageant. Image Courtesy: Meghan Evans.

How did a Vocation Built on Contact, Survive Social Distancing?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth a new frontier full of uncharted territory. Like most industries, it was not easy on cosmetology.

Throughout the pandemic, my own hair roots were maintained by the take-home kits that my stylist, Rachel Arciniega provided. …

Makayla Hardy interviews Reno sound producer and graphic designer Mari Woodside, who explains how the pandemic actually helped them.

Mari Woodside, 22, working at home on a new song. Photo provided by Mari Woodside.

Freelance Work from the Home Office

Since graduating from high school in 2017, Mari Woodside has been sound producing and dabbling in other small freelance work, such as graphic designing, as they live their best life despite the pandemic. …

Sol George interviews postal worker Elizabeth Woldruff on today’s comings and goings of how Covid has affected not only her job but your mail, with longer hours for postal workers and slower delivery times for customers.

A quiet time outside at the South Reno post office on McCabe Drive, but with disruptions inside. Photo by Sol George.

To Mail or Not to Mail?

Postal workers are a staple in our communities. We see them every day in our neighborhoods, movies, and local businesses.

Elizabeth Woldruff, a local mail handler, never saw herself as a post office employee until she quit her job several years ago at a local smoke shop in Sun Valley…

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