A feature on some of Reno’s day laborers with reporting done by Richard Bednarski, Jillian Briare, and Bailey Shepard

Above a painting by Jillian Briare depicting day laborers waiting to get picked up for work.

While many people wake up in the morning to drive to work, some wake up and wait for the day’s work to come to them. Along the calm, trickling river at Fisherman’s Park, the hustle and bustle of warehouses and auto repair shops, a group of people wait for people to pull over and offer a day of work. As the city is just beginning to wake up, with cars starting, toasters popping, and coffee steaming, these day laborers can be found here seven days a week.

A jornalero, hor.na.ler.o, is a laborer who is hired and paid on a…

A self investigation into an unknown world by Alina Croft with visuals, audio, and complimentary experiences included by Faith Evans.

“Protect Yourself,” a conceptual photo by Faith Evans. Lots of chat site users cover their webcams, use a VPN to hide their IP address, or give out a fake name and location to keep themselves safe online.

It’s 2012. I’m in a room with four other 12- and 13-year-olds. I’m sleeping over at my friend’s house for her and her twin sister’s birthday. It’s close to midnight and we are browsing the web on a newly gifted iPad. One of my friends says we should get on Omegle.com with a devilish twinkle in her eye. I’ve never heard of the site and I have no idea what it is. It’s a video chat site. There’s no restrictions and we get paired with a really creepy 40-year-old guy who flashes us what he calls his ‘goods.’ We all…

Nicole Becker and Kennedy Vincent interview Navtej Singh, the co-owner of Chicago Pizza With a Twist, a pizza restaurant that combines traditional Italian with Indian cuisine flavors. Singh discusses life before owning the restaurant, the valuable skills he’s gained, and complications while owning a new business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Navtej Singh’s slogan is ‘Good food takes time.”

2018 was a time to rethink for Navtej Singh. His bills were due and his wife, Raman Deeb Kaur ,was sick.

After being approached by an old friend, Singh was offered an opportunity to co-own a restaurant here in Reno. He found a job that catered to his international business skills and cultural home life. The roles seamlessly blended into one and he became the co-owner of Chicago Pizza With A Twist.

The restaurant has been open for two years now. They have established a steady flow of loyal customers who are intrigued with the cuisine twist.Singh …

Riley Sorge discovers a local restaurant that’s spreading Hawaiian spirit throughout Northern Nevada.

“People come in, give me a hug and say, it’s such a good feeling to be a part of a family. That’s our culture, especially here in the restaurant, every customer comes in now they’re part of the Lili’s ohana,” said Mohalapua Banner, owner of Lili’s Bar and Restaurant on Kietzke Lane.

A restaurant by day and Hula Halau teaching history and dance by night, Lili’s Bar and Restaurant wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for owners and Maui natives, Mohalapua and Kawaiola Banner.

After six years of calling Reno home and working at Hewlett Packard, Mohalapua said Lili’s fell into her lap. Being born and raised in Maui she was no stranger to cooking for large crowds and knew she was up for the task. …

Jordan S Buxton tries to find a bike when they are all sold out, and finds out more than he ever wanted to about world supply chains, and how the pandemic put many pebbles in his journey.

My new bike, finally purchased in April 2021. Photo Credit Jordan S Buxton

A New Hobby

Over the summer of 2020, like many people during the pandemic, I found myself looking for something to do during isolation. I decided to give cycling a try and loved it from the beginning. I started my cycling journey on a cheap, used, Diamondback gravel bike which I purchased off the classifieds website Craigslist for $500. I brought a friend with me to look it over who, at the time, knew more about bikes than I did. With a green light from them I bought it.

The bike rode fine, however, it was a little small for me and as…

Sydney Oliver looks into a young fashion trailblazer making people rethink the way they choose their clothes.

What is Fast Fashion?

It’s a warm spring day, a slight breeze blows through the corridor of the outdoor mall. Brightly arranged mannequins stare happily into the concrete structures, eyes vacant or non existent, as itchy fabric hangs from their cold limbs. The slight smell of chemicals is ignored by the customers as the lack of decimal places on the clothing tags causes them to hum in excitement. The cloying smell is ignored but even the most excited of shoppers can’t help but notice the microscopic thread holding a nearby garment together. …

Liza Cheharovska looks into one segment of non-essential workers in Nevada, the entertainers and show performers, who have had to pivot to other occupations while waiting for the bright lights to turn back on.

Collage of photos with permission to use.

The COVID vaccine rollout has brought hope to businesses and patrons alike. A press release from the Nevada Health Response claims, “the state continues toward a full economic reopening by the goal of June 1”. Is it the end of the tunnel for those who went so many months without being able to work?

When pandemic restrictions began in 2020 workers got split into the categories of essential and nonessential. Some jobs simply switched to remote work, others created guidelines and provided gear, and the rest shut down. According to Forbes, over 50 million people filed for unemployment.

“All artists…

Now that we have officially passed the one year quarantin-iversary, the physical and mental toll is more evident than ever in college students across the US. Plus it’s finals season, so Liza Cheharovska presents her top five liquid boosters

With online school, unemployment, and isolation many students are feeling burned out or drained. But even while feeling down, life goes on so people turn to quick boosters, like coffee and energy drinks. Monsters, Red Bulls, and 5-hour Energy are known all too well, it feels like a new brand of energy drink comes out every month so how do they work and what’s really the best way to get through a tiresome daze.

Energy drinks contain caffeine, and often sugar. Caffeine stimulates the brain and blocks the binding of adenosine molecules, the bonding of those molecules to certain receptors…

Christion McLeran and Sean O’Leary offer some Covid-safe suggestions to get people out of their basement to enjoy all some of the fun, nerdy activities that Reno has to offer.

The new Family Fun Center at the Atlantis casino.

For over a year now, we’ve all made a strong effort to social distance from one another in the hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19. We’ve sidelined many of the hobbies we love, traded crazy nights out for movie nights in, and had to hold off from seeing loved ones so that we wouldn’t spread a harmful and potentially deadly virus to them. With the vaccination efforts improving across the country and people starting to feel more hopeful that we’ve navigated some of our way out of these pandemic-riddled woods, the obvious question on most people’s minds is “when…

Jayme Souza and Isaac Hoops report how one woman is doing her best to help those without stable shelter in northern Nevada in a very unique way, and educating police who accompany her as well during outreach.

Rachel Rosensteel and two UNRPD officers Jacob Ross and Jeff Aguiler aspeak to a woman living in a tent in Sparks, NV, near the Truckee River in an encampment called “The Rabbit Hole”.

Most Reno residents would agree that homelessness in the city has been ramping up pretty drastically as of late, and it seems like the efforts to help people experiencing homelessness is simply not doing enough. Most people are aware of the different programs aimed at assisting those in need, like the food banks and shelters, but many are unaware of the work Rachel Rosensteel is doing with Health Plan of Nevada.

The health and social service coordinator, who is also pursuing a PhD in Public Health with a focus in Community Health, has been working with the health maintenance organization…

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