Alexandra Rush reports on a protest palpable with frustration over the lack of change in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

A long list with several pictures of people killed during recent altercations with police in Washoe County.

“This country is operated on violence,” said one of two speakers on the windy late afternoon Saturday protest in Reno, Nevada.

The event by the Party for Socialism and Liberation was to talk about police brutality in America- something that has recently become more evident than ever, with social media attention, massive protests, guilty verdicts in the Derek Chauvin trial, the former policeman who was convicted of the murder of a Black man, George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, and heightened media coverage since then.

There was a table with street medics giving people lessons on how to…

Sean O’Leary looks into a free Zoom series on best practices for planting your own garden in difficult local conditions.

For anyone who lives in Reno, they know what the climate is like. It’s a desert. It’s hot and dry. And because of that, it might be hard to grow your own plants. Growing your own plants is one of the biggest hobbies in all of America. For many, it’s a way to relax. For others, you want to make your garden look terrific either for yourself or for some company. For some, it’s also about eating the healthy food you’ve grown yourself. “Grow Your Own, Nevada!” …

Liza Cheharovska reports on a Saturday march which brought pro-environment groups and protesters together.

Saturday’s march for bolder pro environmental policies crossed the Truckee River in Reno.

On April 24th, members of the Sunrise Movement, and other local and national groups met in front of the Bruce R. Thompson Courthouse and Federal Building in support of the Green New Deal, an effort for bold government action to address climate change along with job creation and reducing economic inequalities.

“There’s essentially 12 plans in the works, quite a few representatives introduce acts underneath the Green New Deal to represent the things we need right now. It should have been passed long ago but we’re still working on doing just that. It’s meant to help people, they need it…

Jayme Souza reports on one of the first Earth Day 2021 events in Reno, which took place on Saturday April 17th.

Kelsey Sweet and her Golden Unikorn, advocating for Sexual Assault Awareness Month at the Earth Day event this past Saturday.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic happening just over a year ago and similar events being cancelled for last year’s Earth Day, local artists were overjoyed to exhibit their work and connect with the community after a very trying year.

Masked and ready to showcase their art, whether it be physical, musical or otherwise, artists sat underneath pop-up tents, surrounded by their works, showing them off to passersby. There was everything from canvas prints to blown glass being presented, all locally owned and produced.

Jaycee Grider reports on an adventurous and border crossing soul finding new ways during COVID-19, including jewelry making.

It’s been six years since Masha Shaks first moved to the States and left behind her beloved sunsets in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s certainly been a crazy ride so far, repeatedly moving from state to state, from Florida, to Maryland, different parts of California, before settling in Washington for the time being.

In between those moves, Shaks traveled sporadically throughout Peru, Colombia, France, and elsewhere, working various jobs in each new place to help make ends meet.

It was the summer of 2019, when I first met Masha. She had been working at the Bar of America in Truckee with…

Alina Croft interviews Reynolds School of Journalism alumnus Don Weinland who is currently a journalist in East Asia focusing on financial and business information.

Question: How did your career path begin?

Answer: I started at UNR in 2001, and I was a psychology student, that was my original major. I think I chose that because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I ended up going to China in early 2003. I basically did a year and a half at UNR and then two friends and I met a Chinese history professor at UNR who ended up sending us to his home town and we taught English there for six months. That’s really a decade before I really got into journalism. …

Natalie Newman reports on a community’s help for a dispatcher with pancreatic cancer.

Kristin Oilar is a Nevada local who has been dispatching for the East Fork Fire department for two decades. Before working for East Fork Fire, Oilar worked for the National Guard.

Big Daddy’s Bike and Brew hosted a fundraiser for her Friday night event in downton Minden, to help her with her fight against pancreatic cancer.

Sam Watts a firefighter and paramedic for East Fork Fire said she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a couple months ago.

Pancreatic cancer begins in your pancreas, an organ in your lower stomach. Your pancreas releases enzymes that aid digestion and produces hormones that…

Faith Evans talks to Michael Fox about how he turned his passion for Latin America into an international freelance reporting career.

Currently based in Florianópolis, Brazil, Fox’s recent reporting for The World, a US public radio news magazine, includes stories explaining the height of the pandemic in Brazil, President Bolsonaro’s scandals, and paleoburrows — tunnels dug by prehistoric animals.

For Michael Fox, reporting on Brazil’s struggle through the pandemic is deeply personal. Two weeks ago on April 6, when the country reached three COVID-19 deaths per minute, he lost his grandmother-in-law.

Notwithstanding, he still agreed to talk about his leap into international reporting, the benefits of working as a “gringo” in South America, and the perils of equipment failure.

Can you give me some background on your education and career, including highlights from countries you’ve lived in and projects you’ve worked on?

You know, I transitioned in journalism in a very interesting way. I graduated from college; I played…

Reynolds School of Journalism student Aya Sato interviews Karolina Rivas, a first-gen RSJ alumnus, now an associate producer, whose paths have crossed on the Good Morning America show.

Karolina Rivas (@karolinarrivas on Instagram and Twitter) is a Class of 2019 Reynolds School of Journalism alumnus, who is now working as Associate Producer at ABC’s Good Morning America. She’s a first generation college graduate, a daughter of immigrants who participated in almost all student media spaces at UNR on top of multiple internships. I reached out to her after seeing a segment from GMA covering the recent wave on anti-Asian attacks, not realizing that she was an RSJ alumni and actually worked on a segment I was a guest in for GMA as well.

Hi Karolina! Thank you so…

Jillian Briare reports about a non-profit “that invites art teachers and their students to create portraits for youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as neglect, abuse, loss of parents, and extreme poverty.”

Founder of The Memory Project, Ben Schumaker (on right in blue) with his mother (on left in pink sweatshirt) and partners at a Syrian refugee camp.

Ben Schumaker is the founder of the nonprofit organization The Memory Project, which connects thousands of youth across the globe every year through handmade art. It invites skilled American artists to create and donate portraits to youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges such as violence, disasters, extreme poverty, neglect, and loss of parents, and who many of which have little to no personal belongings. So far it has involved almost 300,000 youth in 55 countries since its start. Schumaker discusses working with international communities, building bridges where there are borders, and creating meaningful experiences for more than…

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