Dominic Matteoni reports on the basketball team’s sudden departure in 2018.

After 10 years in Reno, the Bighorns suddenly moved to Stockton, California three years ago, and became the Stockton Kings. While in Reno however, the Bighorns participated in lots of events for the community that often went unrecognized. Many have only noticed their impact now that they’re gone.

Local Ownership with a Sense of Community

The Reno Bighorns which lasted 10 years had epic teams, a legendary announcer, sons of former legendary Hall of Famers as players, and countless community events, much of this tied back to Herb Santos, a local personal injury attorney and driver of this entire process.

It all began in early…

Jordan Bader and Maira Miranda interview Washoe County students following a walkout and social media anger after allegations of sexual harassment on a Reno High school bus.

Image incorporating a quote from an original social media post regarding allegations of student misconduct on a Reno High school bus.

**Because minors are involved, we decided to keep each student in this story anonymous and have created new names for each of them.**

This October, Reno High student Andy says he was the victim of sexual harassment on a school bus ride. There was social media content about this, including…

Reno, Nevada, and area schools are facing severe teacher shortages, creating both opportunity and concern. While Washoe County is finding new ways to recruit young substitutes, there are also concerns about the quality of teaching being offered and classes not being covered. Kennedy Vincent reports for the Reynolds Sandbox.

A recent message from Substitute Services at Washoe County indicated they had an extreme need for substitute teachers the next day. It called on substitutes to immediately log on even if they were available for just half a day.

Emily Burton is a new young teacher thrust much earlier…

Two student journalists Maggie Durling and Sol George take a detour through the many construction projects surrounding their campus — more than 200 currently according to UNR officials.

The construction project on N. Virginia, across the street from the gym, is being done by a private developer, and has no obligation to work with the University. Photo by Sol George.

A Student Perspective with Longer Commutes

The University of Nevada, Reno has two major enrollment goals for its future. These are “23 by 25” and “25 by 30”. These numbers are referencing the numbers of students and the years for this hoped for enrollment, so 23,000 by 2025 and 25,000 by 2030.

With the anticipation of…

Kayla Crowley, Owen Christopher, and Joffea Burgos investigate Reno’s mostly forgotten Chinatown and the lack of education about it taught in public schools in the area.

Reno’s Chinatown is mostly forgotten even by the local community due to the lack of teaching within the curriculum. Visual by Joffea Burgos

A First Burning Down

Reno’s first Chinatown was established in the 1800s when many Chinese immigrants moved alongside the Truckee River and Virginia Street. Many immigrants had decided to establish their roots in Reno, after finishing up the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad. …

Makayla Hardy, Jaden Urban, and Brigid Butler report on how TikTok trends are negatively impacting student’s behavior in school environments and whether or not the situation is over exaggerated. They also find out how local schools are reacting.

TikTok’s ‘Devious Lick’ challenge is exposed all over different media platforms of students destroying school property across the country. These are screen grabs of TikToks shared on multiple sources such as Youtube and Twitter. Photo collage by Makayla Hardy.

TikTok’s ‘Devious Lick’ Challenge and Teachers Under Threat

Whether you have TikTok or not, you may have heard of one its unsettling trends known as the ‘Devious Lick’ challenge. The challenge shows students filming themselves destroying school bathrooms and sometimes stealing soap dispensers and even sinks.

“Yes, [I] have seen a lot of it happen,” said Michael Faker…

Reporters Cayley Dishion and Montana Lloyd find out why several clubs on campus have voiced their frustration towards ASUN’s allocation of their budget. The concern stems from some larger clubs not being able to support all of their members and forcing outside fundraising to make up for a lack of funds.

Elsie Childress, current social chair and former Vice President of Nevada Winter Sports Club, is one of the many club officials frustrated with how ASUN distributes club support funding. Childress, along with the Winter Sports Club, spend most of their winter skiing the slopes of Palisades Tahoe. Photo by: Cayley Dishion

The Associated Students of the University of Nevada and Its Controversial Budget

At the beginning of each school year, the quad on the south end of the University of Nevada, Reno’s campus fills with tables being set up for the annual club fair. …

Catherine Schofield reports on how ASUN is leading the charge in getting accountability from private housing operators.

A Delayed Move In

The Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno have created a Special Committee on Housing with the goal of holding privatized student housing in Reno accountable for their promises to residents.

Emma Bergren, 19, is an ASUN Senator for the School of Public Health and…

The 2021 NCAA Cross Country Championships recently took place in Tallahassee, Florida at Apalachee Regional Park. Ryan Daley profiles the only Wolf Pack athlete who competed at the meet.

Tierney Wolfgram was one of dozens and dozens of runners in the woods of Apalachee Regional Park for the elite NCAA Cross Country national championships.

The star from the University of Nevada Reno describes her journey into the upper echelon of cross country running as having started as training…

Hunger is still prevalent around the world, including here in Reno. One of the University of Nevada, Reno’s volunteer clubs, Circle K International, or CKI, recently partnered with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada for a food drive which just ended. Serenity Liessmann reports on how students within the UNR community are helping but are also being helped.

CKI’s Single Service Chairman, Jasmine Baik, organized a recent event.

On campus as elsewhere in Reno, the holidays are a time when people want to give back to their community. The Food Bank of Northern Nevada has their busiest season during the holidays.

Until the end of December, they will have around two to three hundred food drives during…

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