Media Tips: Radio Reporting for the Mountain West News Bureau

Henry Stone catches up with Reno and KUNR-based award-winning broadcast journalist Noah Glick. The Indiana native got his drive to be in public radio while stocking shelves. He’s now figuring out how to do his work as a Mountain West News Bureau reporter out of his home during a pandemic.

Noah Glick working from his makeshift home studioin Reno, Nevada, amidst Covid-19 stay-at-home policies. Photo with permission to use courtesy of Noah Glick.

I think being a public radio reporter is about not only following the news, but trying to bring people into the spaces that you’re in.

Screengrab from the KUNR website.
The story Glick describes above can be found here:

“I look at my job as being a conduit for the community, so I’m essentially the spokesperson for the public.”

Q: What’s some advice you’d give your past self before becoming a radio reporter?

“Especially in times like this, I think people are starting to see the value of having information that’s available for free that is widely acceptable.”

Q: Where do you see yourself going or staying in the future?

Mediat Tips Q and A by Henry Stone for the Reynolds Sandbox



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